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Are you Fair Trade?

We’re fairly traded, but not fair trade. You see, the Fair Trade organization is setup to help small-scale farmers. It encourages them to form cooperatives who can apply for fair trade certification.


The organization is not setup to help larger farms, as their policy states that if you hire outside of your immediate family, you cannot apply for fair trade status.


In Ashanti’s case, we may have up to 1,000 people working for us at certain times of the year, which means that we don’t fit into this model. 


This is what we do instead. Learn more about how we support our coffee farmers!

What’s coffee from Zimbabwe like?

Here at Ashanti, we have three main coffee roasts, so let’s tell you a bit about each!

Light Roast: Expect a milk chocolate aroma with sweet citrus brightness in the cup.

Medium Roast: Our medium offers a caramel and chocolate aroma with a touch of blood orange in the finish.

Dark Roast: And finally, enjoy a sweet, dark chocolate with a toasted pecan toffee back-note in our dark!

Do you have food?

We do! From daily soups and freshly made wraps, sandwiches & salads, to local baked goods, there’s something for everyone!

Do you have gluten free options? 

We have a variety of baked goods that are gluten-free and delicious — and don’t forget to ask about the daily soup special, too! Our servers will be glad to let you know the ingredients.

Ground Coffee
Latte Art
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